ACE 3rd Edition

ACE 3rd Edition


ACE is both an instructional and an assessment strategy that can be implemented at any and every level to engage students in “showing what they know” through extended response answers.

Training Description

Purpose: To gain an understanding of the ACE (Answer-Cite-Expand) method of developing and evaluating short-answer, extended written responses.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the role of the ACE strategy in helping students “show they know or can do” the learning standards as evidenced in a brief, constructed response.
  • Ways to engage students in using the ACE strategy in a variety of subjects to demonstrate learning in a short-answer, extended written response.
  • Ability to use the ACE strategy as part of classroom or student improvement cycles.

Target Audience:

Classroom teachers, grade-level/department teams based on analysis of school or grade-level or department data indicating that students are in need of a strategy for developing competency with short-answer, extended response questions

Participant Prerequisites:

Continuous Classroom Improvement experience preferred but not required

Recommended Time:

1 day training or 3-4 hour coaching session

Required Materials for Participants:

  • ACE: Strategies for Demonstrating Learning with Short Answer, Extended Written Response Items 3rd Edition Participant Workbook

Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Participant Learning:

  • State standards
  • State/district scoring rubrics for short-answer, extended response items
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