A Leader’s Guide to System Improvement


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This leadership guide provides principals and district-level  administrators with the tools needed to lead a systems approach to continuous improvement.  Learn how to create a climate to engage staff in improvement processes.

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Training Description

Using a Systems Approach to Engage Staff in Continuous Improvement


To focus on the unique roles and responsibilities of an administrator committed to effectively and efficiently engaging staff in implementing a systems approach to continuous improvement.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop ways to establish an effective leadership system and team structure to accomplish improvement goals, monitor implementation, and sustain and communicate results.
  • Apply strategies for leading, engaging, supporting, and monitoring improvement teams in accomplishing goals.
  • Demonstrate personal management tools and strategies to be used in effectively leading and sustaining a continuous improvement approach.
  • Develop a system of support to improve school and classroom performance.

Target Audience:

Principals, Assistant Pricipals, Superintendents, or those who supervise principals.

Participant Prerequisites:

School improvement Planning for Performance Excellence and HPT and PLC (recommended but not required).

Recommended Time:

1 — 2 days

Could be delivered in sections

Required Materials for Participants:



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