High Performing Teams


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Introduces strategies for building high-performing teams in order to engage staff in accomplishing school improvement goals. Shows various examples of templates for developing meeting agendas and evaluations, establishing PLC roles and responsibilities, and implementing decision-making strategies and action plans using a PDSA model.

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Training Description

A Systems Approach to High Performing Teams


The purpose of this workshop is to develop high performing teams as a strategy for encouraging participation in a systems approach to school improvement implementation.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the role high-performing teams play in school improvement implementation
  • Develop improvement goals and measures
  • Describe a process for identifying and recommending supporting strategies for achieving improvement goals
  • Apply the PDSA Cycle to the continuous improvement of supportin strategies
  • Apply effective and efficient meeting and communication processes to the work of the team
  • Create an action plan for implementing and monitoring the progress of the high performing teams

Target Audience:

Department team, grade-level team, goal team, school leadership team, professional learning communities, study group, student assistance team, intervention team, etc.

Participation Prerequisites:

Successful completion of the School Improvement Implementation Guide training is highly recommended.

Recommended Time:

1 day

Required Materials for Participants:

Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Participant Learning:

School Improvement Planning for Performance Excellence


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