Training Description

A Systems Approach


The purpose of this workshop is to develop professional learning communities (PLCs) as a strategy for encouraging participants in a systems approach to school improvement implementation.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the role professional learning communities (PLCs) play in school improvement implementation
  • Monitor improvement goals and measures
  • Describe a process for identifying and recommending supporting strategies for achieving improvement goals
  • Apply the PDSA Cycle to the continuous improvement of supporting strategies
  • Apply effective and efficient meeting and communication processes to the work of the PLC
  • Create an action plan for implementing and monitoring the progress of professional learning communites (PLCs)

Target Audience:

Building administrators, teacher leaders, members of professional learning communities

Participant Requirements:

Successful completion of the School Improvement Implemenation Guide (citation needed) training is highly recommended

Recommended Time:

1 day

Required Materials for Participants:

Professional Learning Communities: A Systems Approach Participant Workbook

Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Particiapnt Learning: