Student Data Folders & Student-Led Conferences


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This training introduces student data folders as a strategy for engaging learners in monitoring and improving their own results, as well as involving their families as partners in the learning process.

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Training Description

Purpose: To learn what it takes to implement student information systems capable of supporting student-led conferences as critical components in improving classroom and student learning results

Expected Outcomes:

Participants can expect to leave with:

  • A clear understanding of the role student information systems and student-led conferences play in classroom learning systems and school improvement initiatives.
  • Strategies for managing student information systems.
  • Ideas for managing student-led conferences.
  • A plan for implementing student information systems and student-led conferences.

Target Audience:

Classroom teachers, building-level administrators, instructional facilitators/coaches

Participant Prerequisites:

Successful completion of the Classroom Continuous Improvement and Teacher and Student Partnership trainings is highly recommended

Recommended Time:

1 day

Required Materials for Participants:

  • A Guide to Student Data Folders and Student-Led Conferences

Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Participant Learning:

  • JSA Student and Parent Guides and Systems Checks


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