Teacher Student Partnerships 2nd Edition


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The second component of the Classroom Series training focuses on deeper understanding and classroom assessment against the Baldrige Education Criteria.

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Training Description

Purpose: To learn what it takes to engage students in partnering to build and continually improve the classroom learning system.

Expected Outcomes:

You can expect to leave with:

  • Understanding of the parts, connections, and practices that make up a high-performing classroom learning system.
  • At least three ways to engage your students in managing and improving the classroom learning system─ student goal setting, student data systems, student action plans, use of process improvement tools, etc.
  • Baseline assessment of your classroom learning system using the Classroom Systems Check Level II and an analysis of the results as a basis for personal action planning.
  • A guide for ongoing refinement and improvement of your classroom learning system using the JSA Classroom Learning System Walk-Through Guide and Formative Assessment.

Target Audience:

Classroom teachers, program specialists, instructional support staff


Participant Prerequisites:

Successful completion of the Continuous Classroom Improvement workshop and implementation of strategies learned

Recommended Time:

2 days


Required Materials for Participants:

Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Participant Learning:


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